paper review: “FastDepth: Fast Monocular Depth Estimation on Embedded Systems”


key points

  • model to predict depth map
  • maximize speed by making it light as possible
  • focus not only on encoder network but also on decoder network for speed improvement
  • mobilenet for encoder, nearest-neighbor interpolation + NNConv5 for decoders, use skip connection, use depthwise separable convolution where ever possible, do network pruning, use TVM compiler stack to optimize depthwise separable convolution which is not optimized in populate DL frameworks.

algorithm to find if closed path is rotating in right or left direction(finding right hande rule direction of closed loop)

A very simple mathmatical method exist to solve this problem. here is an interactive example: by calculating the signed area of a polygon, one can easily determine if a 2D directed path is rotating in the right or Read more…